The plight of the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria is a sad one. They have been used by Hamas, Fatah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other militant Islamic groups to create chaos in Israel and surrounding Arab countries. The concept of Palestinians as related to Arabs did not exist prior to May 14th of 1948. All of the people called Palestinians were Jews. There was the Palestinian Symphony (all Jews);  the Palestinian Post Newspaper  is now the Jerusalem Post. There was also a Palestinian Brigade in WW II,  all of them Jews. The Arabs were called Arabs and were no different from the Arabs living in Jordan or Iraq. The land prior to World War I was controlled by the Ottoman Turks and was sometimes called Southern Syria. Following the end of WW I the British were given the mandate for the land from the Mediterranean to the Arabian Peninsula. The League of Nations voted to formalize the State of Israel at the San Remo Conference in 1922. Later, in violation of the articles to create the State of Israel,  the British gave Abdullah 75% of the land east of the Jordan River to create the state of Jordan. If you think the Palestinian Arab’s deserve their own land, they already have one its call Jordan. If this all seems confusing remember that in Islam it is permitted to lie if it is in the interest of Islam. The word taqiyya is worth remembering and understanding. Taqiyya means it is alright to lie in the interest of Islam.