What is Happening with Islam?


It seems difficult to understand what is happening within Islam. There is help available for those who want to really understand.  It’s in the book you likely don’t have in your library – The Holy Book called the Koran. According to Islam, the Book was given directly to Mohammed by the Angel Gabriel. Also given were the equally important writing called the Hadith. Both were written down following the death of Mohammed. If you want more insight, consult your Bible or join a Bible study group

The problems the western world has experienced with Islam didn’t begin with the first bombing of the World Trade Center or the attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut on October 23rd, 1983, where 241 Marines and 58 French paratroopers were killed. The enmity with the west and the United States began during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. The president spent most of his time in office building the U.S. Navy to defend merchant ships from attacks led by Muslim pirates of the Barbary States.

The pirates had been looting American merchant ships and taking thousand of white slaves. In 1785, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, America’s ambassadors to France, asked Tripoli’s ambassador to London how they had the right to attack American ships. Ambassador Abd  Al-Rahman quoted out of the Koran that all nations that have not recognized Islam’s authority were sinners and it was their duty to make war upon them, take slaves as prisoners, and that every Muslim who is slain in battle would go directly to paradise.

In 2013 there were over 12,000 terrorist attracts in the world and most of them involved Muslims. Most of the victims of these attacks were other Muslims. Sectarian violence is raging in Syria and Iraq and also involving Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, the Emirates, and the Kurds. Recent attacks in Tunisia, Turkey, Paris, San Bernardino, and Belgium are only the beginning. Our enemies are prepared and planning for a long war.

These radical branches of Islam are all franchisees of the Muslim Brotherhood. No one really knows what percentage of Muslims belong to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or The Islamic State. What we do know is that most Muslims are peace loving good people who want to live a good and peaceful life.

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